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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update: May 2012

I've been a little quiet, but still busy as ever.

I've finally finished my song Unfair, which has taken three years to record and get it to a place where I'm happy to put it out. I've got two versions done by my two good friends Ernest "Efficial" Dudley and Christine Occhino, both of whom you should check out. They're fantastic writers and performers and I thank them for all they've done for and with Max and I.

I've also got a new version of Worth It All out featuring the amazing Rebecca Zama. She's got such a big voice and incredible soul for a 12 year old!

In other news, I've have moved my recording studio Side Dorr Studios to a new location at the Cambridge Performing Arts Center. Here, I actually have room to create music. No more 5' ceilings, no more laundry room, no more heating system humming through the winter. Plus I have use of the Xibus Performance Hall, a 72-seat venue attached to the studio, to record bands and more in a big open space. I will have to start charging for my services, though. So, I will have a modest $25/hr rate for my services, whether it be mixing, mastering, recording or composing.

I'm still performing around town as well. I'm still playing with Maura Mendoza, helping her promote her debut album which came out last October. I am also playing organ for the Gospel Corinthians, who will be releasing their first album next month.

I'm still working with Breanne Primeau on her EP; we're taking it slow. I hope to be gigging with her by the end of the year.

Thank you all for your support, and I hope to see you soon at a show, or in the studio, or at Stop&Shop, or at the Arboretum, or Seaworld, or...