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Here's a selection of videos of different bands and artists I play with frequently.

My Good friend Breanne Primeau and I

Me and The Dank Tops

More covers with Rebecca Zama

 I played keyboard for Maura Mendoza's band

I am a jazz composer as well as a pop songwriter. Orchestra Ozone gives me a chance to perform some of my jazz originals and play drums. I wrote "One of These Days I'm Going to Snap" in high school and I finally got a chance to play it here. I wrote "If I Had A Second Chance" with Alida Rohr, the talented vocalist/bandleader below

I also enjoy Rock, and I play it with this group Strata Obscura, from the School of Groove

Gospel on a keyboard with a broken sustain pedal

Stormy Monday Blues with Woody Carpinella on Guitar

Various interpretations of various songs I wrote: